Mining is one of the core sectors of development of Mongolia. With the goal of creating a leading national mining company, Oyuny Undra Group founded SS Mongolia, LLC, in 2000.  

Rapid technological developments are resulting in increased demand for rare earth minerals and creating new opportunities for us to create value. Our group prioritizes the exploration, mining, and sales of rare earth minerals such as lithium, tungsten, and molybdenum. 

SS Mongolia is a national mining company, which executes general and detailed geological studies, and mining operations at international standards utilizing high level technology along with safety. 

Our most important asset is our qualified, professional team. This is why we are committed to ensure our workplace is safe and healthy for employees, and to be cognizant of responsible mining at every level of our organization. 

SS Mongolia’s mining policy is not only to mine raw minerals but to create value-added products by utilizing the most efficient option economically and ecologically. We strive to contribute to local and national development by implementing the mining projects in groups.

Successfully implemented the first ever molybdenum processing plant project in Mongolia, located in Erdenetsagaan soum, Sukhbaatar province; reclamation is fully completed.

Established Russian and Mongolian joint company, Nitro Siberia Mongolia, for producing, sales, and importing of explosive materials for mining. The company provides high quality service in blasting in accordance with the safety standards.

Currently running the mining operations of Khovd River deposit in Bayan-Ulgii province, extracting 65% high grade Tungsten concentrate. We are partners with the industry leaders Noble Resource Group and Tima Tungsten, and deliver our product to end-users in Asian and European markets. Our exports cover about 70-80% of total Tungsten exports of Mongolia.

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