About us



Oyuny Undra Group is one of the first private sector companies diversified in core economic sectors of Mongolia, including Mining, Banking and Finance, Real Estate and Properties, and Information Technology. Today, with over 1700 employees, Oyuny Undra Group became one of the top 100 enterprises of Mongolia, top national investor, and top employer. 



Although our operations vary in different sectors, the group values and principles are instilled into our subsidiaries making us a team that is united by one mission and one belief. 

Our goal is to utilize the expertise and skills gained in our past, and prioritize and focus on the projects that are practical contributions to the national development; to build developments that will produce value-added products, and introduce to the global market.

Our mission

To be the intelligent leader, who promotes new ideas and initiatives, with excellent products and service  


Our vision

We will introduce our national development to the world

Our principle

Long-term, sustainable cooperation
We follow the long term, sustainable partnership principles when cooperating

Respecting the views of the stakeholders
It is our principle to respect the views of every stakeholder, and to reflect them into our operations

Mutually beneficial cooperation
It is our principle that every activity we participate in, is mutually beneficial

Develop and grow together
We strive to add value to our stakeholders, and develop and grow together

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